Improved Care

Specialty medications treat some of the most complex, chronic and life-threatening diseases. These medications are often injected, infused, inhaled, or taken orally.

That’s why it is essential to be able to access both medical and pharmacy information at the time of prescribing.

EvinceMed’s comprehensive services allow patients to get the care they need sooner avoiding emergency room visits, hospitalizations, worsening health, and added medical expenses.

By compressing time to therapy, our services increase specialty medication fulfillment and overall patient satisfaction.

Better Health

EvinceMed helps increase fulfillment and adherence by implementing proven strategies to expedite and manage administrative transactions.

Researchers have found that more than half of the patients in many disease states are not adherent to their medication therapies.

40% of specialty medications don’t get filled or picked up because of delays.

Speed to therapy is one of the most important components for improving overall population health.

Lower Cost

EvinceMed’s e-hub securely manages:

  • Patient enrollments and consent
  • Medical and pharmacy eligibility
  • Prior authorizations
  • Foundational assistance
  • e-Prescriptions and medication history

  • By expediting EDI transactions, EvinceMed is able to reduce the costs to physicians, hubs, health plans, PBMs, and manufacturers while getting prescribed therapies to patients much quicker. Speed-to-therapy allows patients get the care they need sooner, lowering readmissions and reducing overall medical expenses.

    EvinceMed’s Managed eHub Services

    Electronic Patient Enrollment & Consent

    Automated patient enrollment/consent forms and e-prescribing reduce costs, increase efficiency and speed time to therapy. EvinceMed lets you quickly and securely access, complete and sign documents electronically.

    Medical & Pharmacy Eligibility

    Pharmacy eligibility is for medications filled at a retail or mail-order pharmacy. Medical eligibility for medications provided:

    • at a doctor’s office
    • at a hospital
    • at patient’s home
    • as an injection, or
    • through infusion, or IV.

    Electronic Prior Authorizations

    It takes approximately 25 days to complete a prior authorization for a specialty medication. Within this timeframe, its estimated that more than 40% of specialty medications don’t get filled or picked up because of delays.

    RTBI Data & Foundational Assistance

    Real-time benefit investigation (may include co-pay and deductible for pharmacy benefit down to drug level formulary) and financial assistance screening for foundational programs.

    Electronic Prescriptions & Routing

    Key benefits of electronic prescribing include:

    • Reduced errors
    • Accelerated reconciliation
    • Tracking fulfillment
    • Eliminates lost prescriptions, and
    • More efficient refills.

    Electronic Patient Enrollment & Consent

    All-payer medical claims clearinghouse and call center services include:

    • Claim submission
    • File and claim acknowledgements
    • Remittance Advice
    • J-Code to NDC and vice versa
    • Inbound, outbound and blended solutions.

    EvinceMed engages exclusively in electronic data interchange (EDI), integrating with health plans and other network participants using the NCPDP ePA standard or proprietary health plan forms. Use of health plan and manufacturer’s pharmaceutical names does not imply affiliation or sponsorship of EvinceMed or its services.

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